Getting Started

Installation Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of installing Prezet, a powerful markdown blogging package for Laravel. Follow these steps to set up your project and start creating SEO-friendly blogs, articles, and documentation.

#Step 1: Install the Prezet Package

You can install the Prezet package using Composer:

composer require benbjurstrom/prezet

#Step 2: Run the Package Installer

Before running the installer, please note:

⚠️ If you're installing Prezet on an existing application, it's recommended to switch to a clean branch first. The installation process configures your application with Tailwind CSS, which may overwrite any existing Tailwind configuration.

To run the Prezet installer, execute the following Artisan command:

php artisan prezet:install

This command will:

  • Copy the package configuration file to config/prezet.php
  • Add the Prezet storage disk to your config/filesystems.php
  • Copy content stubs to your project's storage directory
  • Publish the vendor blade files
  • Copy Tailwind configuration files
  • Install necessary Node.js dependencies

#Step 3: Start Your Server

Once the installation is complete, you can start your Laravel development server:

php artisan serve

#Verify the Installation

After starting your server, you can verify the installation by visiting:


You should now see your new markdown blog powered by Prezet!

#Next Steps

With Prezet installed, you're ready to start creating content and customizing your blog. Check out the other documentation pages to learn more about:

Hope you enjoy blogging with Prezet!